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Using Driving Alerts to Improve your Teen’s Driving

New driver in your household? When your teen is just starting out, they aren’t accustomed to the car’s movements. They can't properly gauge acceleration and breaking. Enter Raven Connected's driving alerts. Receive alerts whenever irregular or erratic driving is detected and watch as your teen’s driving improves.

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Keep up with the whole family with multiple Ravens

Do you ever feel like you can’t keep up with everyone’s busy schedules? Keeping track of your loved ones is never easy, but with Raven, you need only one account to keep everyone connected.

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How to keep your teenager’s speed down

How can you protect your young driver and make sure that their naivety behind the wheel doesn’t result in irreversible damage?

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Raven’s Trip Cards help through good or bad

Regardless of the driving situation you’ve encountered, you’re always vulnerable to fraudulent claims or a city full of terrible roads. Wouldn’t it be handy to have a tool to help you find that trendy restaurant you drove by last week or even keep emotions at bay when teaching your teen to drive?

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Let Raven Guide You There Safely

Learn how Raven's Next-Turn-Navigation stands apart and helps reduce  distracted driving.

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