8 Useful Tips For Parents of Teen Drivers

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To highlight the National Teen Driver Safety Week, our team at Klashwerks put together a list of 8 simple things parents can do to ensure their teen drivers are being safe when they get behind the wheel, and how our connected car technology Raven can help.

1. Don’t rely on driver’s education alone. Driver’s ed is a great way to start your teenager on their driving journey, by allowing an experienced and certified driving coach to teach your teen the fundamentals. But this is just a start. It’s important for you, as their parent, to supervise practice driving as well. From empty parking lots to heavy traffic on the highway without forgetting night time driving, practice is key in making sure your teen is a confident and safe on the road. In addition, Raven’s Driving Score feature can help coach your teen when you’re not around providing them with valuable reports of how well they’re driving and what they can continue to improve on.

2. Require constant seatbelt use. Seatbelts never go out of style, though your teen may think it’s “uncool” when driving with friends. But let’s get real, more than half of teens, aged 13–19 years, and adults, aged 20–44 years, who died in crashes in 2015 were unrestrained at the time of the accident. Remind your teen about the importance of wearing a seatbelt, and how it can save their life. Still not sure if your teenagers are buckled up? Check in with Raven’s live video and get the proof and extra peace of mind you need.

3. Don’t drive in a hurry. By using connected car technology like Raventhat ties in with navigation apps, you and your teen will both know what driving conditions to expect before they even hit the road. Stress or frustration often leads to risky behavior behind the wheel, so having a plan reduces that risk and gives both teen and parents a realistic idea of how long the trip should take. With the Raven app, not only can you track your teen’s ETA, but you can see real-time video of traffic and conditions of the road ahead and know right away when your teen safely makes it to their destination.

4. The danger of distracted driving. Multitasking in the driver’s seat is dangerous for everyone. With many teenagers’ need to always be in the know among their social circles, cellphone use while driving has escalated. Texting, on average, causes a loss of focus on the road for 4.6 seconds. Did you know you can drive the length of a football field in that time? A lot can happen during that time. Ask your teen to silence their phone, keep it in the back seat far from reach, and don’t distract your teen via checking in by texting or calling. You can check in with Raven and its real-time monitoring feature through the app dashboard, and at a glance, know if everything is okay.

5. Still have fun. With Snapchat and selfies being an ordinary part of an average teenager’s day, it is sometimes difficult for a teen to step away from it while on the road. If your teen wants to capture an exciting, strange, beautiful, or scary experience while on the road, Raven’s gesture recognitionallows them to record and take photos directly with Raven’s cameras, without having to take their eyes off the road. Best part is, the video gets automatically uploaded to their phone’s media library, so it can be shared on all social media as soon as they’re done their drive, without putting anyone in danger.

6. Limit night driving. Driving at night is riskier than daytime driving for all drivers, and even more dangerous for newer drivers. 17% of teen fatalities occurred between 9pm and midnight , and 24% occurred between midnight and 6am. If teenagers do need to drive in the dark and late at night, Raven’s real-time monitoring features will provide you peace of mind by tracking the whereabouts of your teen. Raven will even let you know when they are leaving the house or heading home with alert notifications.

7. Make sure your teen’s vehicle is chosen for safety and not chosen for its appearance. Front and side airbags, anti-lock brakes, and electronic stability control are some of the essentials in choosing a safe vehicle — and definitely more important than surround sound, custom grilles, and fancy cupholders. Whether it is a brand new or used model, these safety features can be lifesavers. By adding Raven to your teen’s vehicle, you will be notified of any driving related issues and will be able to immediately diagnose car-related problems. In the event of an accident, Raven will contact you instantly so that you can send help, as soon as it occurs.

8. Be your teen’s role model by setting a good example. Wear your seatbelt, map your route, and don’t use your cellphone while you’re behind the wheel. By displaying good driving habits and avoiding distractions, your new driver might too! Raven users and their Trusted Circle can check their app to make sure all are having a safe and comfortable journey back from work, a friend’s house, grocery store, or road trip. No matter where your loved ones are, you’ll always know what’s going on.

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