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How often have you been in the car and wished you had captured some fleeting moment on camera? Maybe it was something totally out of the ordinary you couldn’t believe, or even a more serious incident like a crash right in front of you. Of course, we all know it’s not safe to pull out our phone (as tempting as it can be) and start recording, so until recently we’ve missed out on things like filming spontaneous karaoke sessions with friends and wildlife crossings on the road. However, now that dashcams have become popular for both security purposes and pure entertainment, it’s easy to capture those memorable driving moments.

Nevertheless, it should be noted that this system still has its flaws. Anyone who owns a dashcam knows the frustration of filtering through hours of footage to find those few minutes you’d love to share with the world. Once you’ve finally found them, there are more hoops: crop, export, upload, and maybe even share. Don’t get me wrong – that we can even do this shows how quickly technology advances. Even a few years ago this wouldn’t have been so easy. As we move forward, there is always a better way to do things and, in this case, that way is through Raven.

What is a gesture triggered video?

In addition to continuously recording raw footage, similar to other dashcams, Raven also produces two other video types:  shorts and time-lapses. The easy production of shorts, otherwise known as gesture triggered videos, is one of the many features that make Raven the all-in-one connected car device that it is.

See something outside or in your car that you don’t want to forget? Don’t take your eyes off the road - even for a single second. Simply raise your hand in front of Raven’s savvy dashboard and the result is a complete recording for a total of 50 seconds (20 prior to your hand motion and 30 after). If the event you’re capturing is longer, simply repeat the gesture again and Raven will continue recording. Gesture triggered videos are completely free on the device, so take as many as you’d like by keeping up those moves. Raven even tags the event on your trip card, so you can see exactly where you were when the short was taken. Check out this video to see the whole process in action.

Raven Trip Cards automatically take events

How does it work?

Raven uses an infrared time of flight sensor to detect when you place your hand in front of the device. The sensor sends out light pulses and measures the time it takes for the light to reflect back into the sensor. These light pulses are used to calculate the distance from the sensor to your hand. It then triggers the camera to record the short. The recording is then transferred automatically to the Raven app, ready for download to your phone. This feature currently supports the motion of your hand moving closer to the device as a gesture, but we have plans to expand this functionality in the future, so stay tuned!

Raven's Media Manager makes recordings easily downloadable to your phone

Check out these Gesture Triggered Videos Raven took!



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