How to keep your teenager’s speed down

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Teaching your teenager to drive is one of the biggest milestones in watching your child grow up. Another one is when they start driving by themselves, perhaps an even more intense moment in parenting. You can’t help but worry when they take your car out. Are they experienced enough? Is their speed appropriate? Are they even paying attention to the road at all? As car crashes are the number one cause of death in teens in the United States, parents are right to be concerned whenever their son or daughter steps into a vehicle.

Unfortunately, teens and speeding seem to go hand in hand. Dealing with this issue effectively has long been a problem for worried parents. With each mile per hour over the speed limit, the risk of a crash increases incrementally as parental concern seems to increase exponentially. Without being in the car, there’s really no way to know if they’re speeding at all. If they are speeding, how fast are they going? Do they even know? Chances are, if they are distracted, they don’t.

How can you protect your young driver and make sure that their naivety behind the wheel doesn’t result in irreversible damage? For the longest time, the most we could do was lecture them each time they left the house in the hopes that they would slow down and pay attention and, if we’re being honest, without great success. This is where Raven Connected comes into play.

We recently released our long-awaited speeding alerts feature to eliminate the guesswork when it comes to your teen’s driving habits. With a Raven in your car, you can easily toggle on speeding alerts in the mobile app so that you’re notified immediately when your teen is speeding. If you are comfortable with your teen going a few miles over the speed limit, you may not want your phone going off every time they pull out of the driveway. That’s totally acceptable and adjusting the threshold settings will address this. You can decide the speed that is within your comfort zone and adjust the threshold bar so that you are notified when that particular speed is exceeded. Not only will your phone alert you, but in the car Raven will also signal to your teen driver that they need to slow down by way of an audible alert.

Raven’s dashboard shows live speed and lets you know exactly how fast your teen driver is going. If they’ve gone too fast, the trip recording will be safely stored in Trip Cards. If a discussion has to take place, you can be ready with an easy explanation as to why they may be losing their driving privileges.

The many features within speeding alerts are impressive, but the most preventative measure may be the simplest one of all. Just being able to tell your teenager that you’ll know if they speed and by how much will likely dissuade them from developing most poor driving habits. They may not love it, but it will keep them safe.   

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