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It’s been a while since the days of busting out the big map to figure out where you’re headed. We’re thankful that those are gone if only for the amount of manpower it took to keep to the right route. Maybe you still have pangs of nostalgia – we get that, too – but the practicality of in-car navigation has come a long way. From using dedicated GPS devices to simply popping out your phone to enter trip details, there have never been so many options for finding your way.

Though GPS systems have been around for a long time now, there are still pain points related to ease of use, the technology’s ability to find the quickest route, and the distraction of using a device (especially if you’re using a phone as the display). With distracted driving causing more than 10 deaths and 1000 injuries every day in the United States, our team was determined to offer a better solution. The result is Raven’s Next Turn Navigation.

Raven’s display sits at eye level and provides turn-by-turn route information, live ETAs, and speeding alerts to ensure that drivers can keep their eyes on the road during the entire trip. All you have to do is enter your destination in the app, connect to your car's Bluetooth speaker, put the phone away and relax as Raven guides you to your destination. And whether you used Next Turn Navigation or not, you can always use your trip history to find the location of that amazing pizza place that you discovered last week.


We also wanted to ensure that our Next Turn Navigation feature allows users to stay within one app when heading to their destination. Because there are numerous sensors and features within Raven, simplicity became key, so we opted to integrate Mapbox’s navigation SDK. Mapbox is the location data platform used by companies like Tesla, Bloomberg, and Lonely Planet and is a leader in the field, so its location data software was a clear fit for Raven’s goals. Its easy integration made it an obvious choice.

In a recent GearBrain review, the reviewer acknowledged Raven’s navigation as superior to his own in-car system. During the test drive, Raven offered a better route and got him back on track after he followed the in-car suggestions only to find they further increased his estimated time of arrival. As you drive, the real-time instructions that are securely relayed from your mobile device to Raven will provide you with a consistently improved route. No matter what traffic you hit or turn you take, Raven will guide you to your advantage.

Interested in learning more about Raven’s features? Check out our blog on Gesture Triggered Videos, take a peek at our YouTube Channel, or even try one for yourself.


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