Using Driving Alerts to Improve your Teen’s Driving

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Learning to drive isn’t easy. Teaching someone to drive can be exhausting. With a new teen driver on the road, it may feel like your instructions are going in one ear and out the other. Besides, there are only so many times you can say “Easy on the brakes!” or “Accelerate slower!!”. Eventually you’ll be ready to hand over the keys and trust that they’ll apply at least some of your teachings.

When it comes to driving, so much of the learning that makes the most impact happens when a driver gets behind the wheel and starts trying things on their own. While trial and error can be a great way for your teen to learn new skills, it’s not ideal for driving, nor is it exactly the most stress-free option for parents. Great driving comes with lots of practice, but a little help never hurts. Enter Raven Connected driving alerts.

When your teen is just starting out, they aren’t accustomed to the car’s movements and can struggle to gauge acceleration and braking points. This can cause them to drive inconsistently and erratically. Much of this inconsistency can be reduced with time and practice as they get the hang of the vehicle and the road in general. In the meantime, it can put your teen driver at risk. Not only can this inexperience contribute to the wear and tear of your vehicle, it can also make your teen unpredictable to drivers around them, putting everyone in danger.

Raven Connected driving alerts are here to help your teen drive more efficiently and consistently and keep them safer whenever they’re on the road. As driver inexperience and reckless driving are among the leading causes of accidents by teen drivers, be sure that your new driver improves their driving skills every time they get in the car. With Raven’s customized settings, you can receive alerts whenever irregular or erratic driving is detected.

Harsh braking? Raven notification. Rapid or dangerous accelerations? Raven notification. Real-time, in-car notifications not only alert your teen driver to their dangerous driving actions and encourage improved driving habits, but they also send you an alert so that you can monitor their progress (and maybe consider scheduling a couple more driving lessons). Any erratic driving events will also be recorded and safely stored in Raven’s Trip Cards. Even better, when events like harsh braking are detected, Raven automatically captures video from both the road and cabin-facing cameras to give you ample intel on the whole situation.

With Raven’s driving alerts, both you and your teen can keep an eye on any problematic driving and work together to improve. Pretty cool, right? We think so, too! Plus, since you can add multiple users to the Raven account, the whole family can keep a watchful eye on your teen’s driving and wipe out any worrying behaviours before they become habits.

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