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Raven’s Trip Cards help through good or bad

Regardless of the driving situation you’ve encountered, you’re always vulnerable to fraudulent claims or a city full of terrible roads. Wouldn’t it be handy to have a tool to help you find that trendy restaurant you drove by last week or even keep emotions at bay when teaching your teen to drive?

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Let Raven Guide You There Safely

Learn how Raven's Next-Turn-Navigation stands apart and helps reduce  distracted driving.

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All About Gesture Triggered Videos

Raven Connected captures Gesture Triggered Videos on both the in cabin and road facing dash cams. Learn the inside and outer workings of this feature.

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2018 Summer Road Trip Playlist

If you’re planning a long trip this summer you’re probably going be in the car for quite a long time  —  we've got your back with the ultimate summer playlist!

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Tips for teaching your teen to drive

Make the woes of teaching your teen to drive a little easier with these simple tricks.

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We’re thrilled to announce that Raven pre-orders will be available this Fall!

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