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3 Ways to Stay on Track, On the Road

Use this Distracted Driving Awareness Month to remind yourself and loved ones about the effects (and dangers) of on-the-road distractions.

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The Forgotten Costs of Owning a Car


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Insights From the 2017 State of Driving Survey

Klashwerks’ 2017 State of Driving Survey does just that, and reveals both shocking and insightful findings. Read on for some highlights.

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2017 State of Driving Survey

Klashwerks polled 3,116 car drivers on their driving habits. Read up on the findings.

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Why Aftermarket Technology Shouldn’t Be an Afterthought

As the connected car space advances to parallel the smart home, the long-term goal is to see consumers consider the benefits of adopting aftermarket technologies gradually.

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We’re thrilled to announce that Raven pre-orders will be available this Fall!

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