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Explore Raven

Raven is an all-in-one connected car solution. With built-in cellular LTE, cameras, sensors, displays and a high performance six core processor that gives you and your vehicle new capabilities.

Cabin Facing Camera

Raven’s rear-facing camera monitors activity in and around the cabin of your vehicle. Clear as day, even at night, its OmniVision CMOS sensor is synchronized with the road facing camera to give you a full view of your car status and its activity. The camera also recognizes gestures allowing you to give Raven extremely intuitive commands, so that you never have to take your eyes of the road.

Road Facing Camera

Raven’s road facing camera comes equipped with a state-of-the-art Sony STARVIS™ image sensor and features a wide 140° lens that captures everything happening in front of your vehicle, in all lighting conditions. View, edit and share remarkably sharp and vibrant HD videos directly from the Raven app. From within the app, you have the direct ability to view live images from the road camera any time, day or night.

High-Res Displays

Raven's bright, colorful, high-resolution display provides crystal clear viewing angles that instantly upgrade your dash into a more intelligent dashboard. The bright and crisp interface is designed specifically to enhance your driving experience with important, relevant driving information that you can see at a glance. Personalize the look of Raven's display with color schemes, brightness, and custom information groupings tailored to make each journey a pleasure.


Wherever the road takes you, Raven’s high performance six core processor gives your vehicle exceptional capabilities as it handles real-time data at a speed and with a responsiveness that rivals today’s best-selling smartphones. Its astounding performance makes everything from automatically rerouting your navigation around traffic, to capturing and uploading HD video right to your phone, smooth and effortless so that you can focus on the fun of driving.


Raven instantly upgrades your vehicle into a connected car with its always-on LTE cellular connection. With the power of connectivity, Raven unleashes an array of features that will monitor your vehicle for unprecedented peace of mind. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections allow you to easily pair your smartphone with Raven in order to automatically transfer videos. You can even connect to Raven as a Wi-Fi hotspot so that wherever the road takes you, you’ll never be out of touch.

Speakers and Microphone

Raven’s high-fidelity speaker delivers clear audio alerts and spoken notifications to assist you and your loved ones when on the move. Its two internal microphones with noise cancelling technology capture pristine audio from your drive whether you’re signing along to your favorite song or being pulled over. When parked, the microphones support Raven's security system by detecting and identifying suspicious sounds so that you can be alerted immediately.


Raven takes security to the next level with its suite of sophisticated built-in sensors. Its GPS, motion and air pressure sensors actively monitor what’s happening to provide you with the status of your vehicle. Even when your engine is off, the Raven app will alert you if your vehicle is being moved, bumped, towed or broken into. When driving, Raven is constantly computing vehicle health status and will automatically contact your Trusted Circle in the case of an accident detected, providing them location details.


Raven has direct access via your car’s OBD-II port to real-time telematics of your vehicle. Right from the Raven app, you’ll get updates about your car’s health, get insights on your driving stats and even receive service warnings along with helpful advice on next steps, perhaps saving you a trip or two to the shop.


The OBD adapter powers Raven both when the car is on and off so that you always stay in the know. With its intelligent power management system consisting of six power usage levels, Raven will switch itself to lower power modes when your vehicle is not in use for an extended period of time, ensuring it never impacts your vehicle's battery condition. Raven also has a back up battery to maintain power during times where the car systems are not online such as in an accident.


Raven provides the ability to upload videos and vehicle data to the cloud, so that it can be accessed by you and your loved ones from the Raven app, anywhere, at any time. In addition to cloud storage, Raven has 16GB of internal storage to capture high resolution longer length videos. For greater storage needs, Raven has a microSD card slot to accept cards up to 256 GB.


Not all cars are designed the same, that’s why Raven comes with an adjustable mount that elegantly sits on your dashboard or windshield without obstructing your view. Simply adjust the height and angle of your Raven for optimized visibility, and you’re ready to go.

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