Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have more than one Raven?

Absolutely. You can have Ravens for each vehicle you own.

How do I access my different vehicles through the app?

You can access each Raven installed vehicle through the same app. Allowing you to switch between camera views and telematics. Notifications will be shared.

How many family members can access the Raven app?

You, as a Raven account owner, can grant and revoke access to up to 10 different users at any time.

Can I switch my Raven between vehicles?

Yes, Raven can be easily moved from one vehicle to another.

How secure is Raven?

The Raven device, communication, and mobile apps are secure. They all employ industry-best practices for authentication, authorization and encryption. Raven only collects information. It cannot write information to your vehicle's computer or change the way your car works. All data communication between the device, cloud services and the mobile app occurs over encrypted connections, which prevents unauthorized third-party access to those communications. All of your data and videos on Raven are password protected.

What do you do with my data once it is collected?

The data Raven collects is used to provide you with the Raven functionalities as well as to fix, maintain, and enhance the Raven experience. Your personally identifiable data will never be sold, traded or used in any way that violates our user license agreement.

What countries can I use Raven in?

Currently, our service plans and LTE cellular network work in United States, Canada and Mexico with no additional roaming fees.

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