1GB for $10/mo

Raven’s no-contract LTE service plan is simple. This single tier plan provides you with everything you need to connect your Raven device.

Dual Dashcams

Raven’s HD road-facing and night-vision-enabled cabin camera continuously record and offer live-streaming access.

Live GPS Tracking

Always know your vehicle's location with a live map view.


Timelapses are created for each trip. Download them to your phone for easy sharing with your network.

Wifi hotspot

Long road trip ahead? Allow passengers to connect to Raven's Wifi hotspot for entertainment on the road.

Trip sharing

I’m on my way! Send a link of your current trip to show a live map and road-facing camera view to anyone.

Security Alerts

Bumped, towed, or broken into? Raven will immediately notify you on your mobile device.

Next-turn navigation

Need directions? Raven screens present turn-by-turn navigation and ETA information.

Vehicle diagnostics

Engine light on? Raven will interpret the Diagnostic Trouble Code and tell you what’s wrong with your vehicle.

Driving history

Access routes, events, images and videos of past trips.

App sharing

Share full access to your Raven with loved ones to provide them peace of mind while you’re on the road.

Multi-Raven support

Have more than one vehicle? No problem. Raven’s mobile and web app support multiple vehicles.

Mobile App

Monitor your vehicles by using Raven’s mobile app. Full and equivalent support on iOS and Android.

Gesture & event triggered video

Easily save short video clips to your phone by gesturing to Raven. Raven will also save clips that contain a critical event, like a crash.

Real time information

Get real time vehicle information including speed, fuel and more.

Web App

Want to check on your vehicle from your desktop? Raven has a web app, too!

*Forget fuzzy overage charges. Need more data? When you go over your limit, we add another 1GB of data for $10.




Raven service plans are offered on the T-Mobile network with unlimited roaming to 19 domestic partners in the United-States and 23 international roaming partners in Canada and Mexico, ensuring strong and reliable coverage, everywhere you go.


Though you won’t have access to Raven’s LTE features, you’ll still be able to use Raven as a dashcam for full-length videos, gesture triggered videos, and timelapses. You’ll also be able to use Raven’s displays to show driving data such as speed, compass, fuel, altitude, etc. In the app, you’ll have access to the media manager, settings, trip history and previous driver reports.

Monthly top-up: When your use goes above that supported by your service plan, you’ll automatically receive a notification. If you continue to use the remote video services and wifi hotspot, we will continue to support your service, but an automatic top-up fee of $10 will be applied for an extra 1GB of data.

Yearly prepaid subscriptions and gift cards are non-refundable.

Upon pre-paid service cancellation, service will remain active until the next billing cycle.

Dear Friends,

We’re thrilled to announce that Raven pre-orders will be available this Fall!

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